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An Aurora Personal Injury Mediator Has Their Work Cut Out for Them with School Bus Injuries

In some circumstances, personal injury cases may seem fairly straightforward: There is one plaintiff, one defendant, and the injury and its consequences is very discrete and contained, easily imagined and the negative effects easily envisioned.  For an Aurora personal injury mediator, such cases may be relatively easy to bring to a satisfactory and mutually-acceptable resolution to the claim.

School bus Complications

For several reasons, any personal injury claim stemming from a school bus accident typically represents a challenge for an Aurora personal injury mediator:

  • Accidents involving school buses often involve more than two vehicles total, making determinations of fault and responsibility difficult to make.
  • School bus accidents have shorter statutes of limitations than other accidents, due to the fact that most such accidents involve a government agency (typically, the school district).  Instead of the typical two years a family might have to file a claim, there is only one year allowed.

Additionally, an Aurora personal injury mediator may have to determine whether the driver of the bus or a driver of a private vehicle was at fault, or, in some cases, was the cause of a specific injury due to their actions or inactions, even if they did not cause the accident itself.  For example, a school bus driver may ignore a traffic signal and cause an accident, but another driver may attempt to quickly drive around the accident and cause another injury as a result.