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The Three “Rs” of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Business mediation in Chicago IL is an option for individuals having a business dispute who are attempting to avoid the cost, frustration and animosity associated with litigation. Participants can often maintain a relationship going forward. Business mediation in Chicago IL can be even more effective when employing the following:


A skilled mediator often begins mediation by explaining ground rules to the parties. This generally includes an instruction for the parties to be respectful toward one another by not interrupting, using foul language or reacting with angry outbursts. Maintaining a cordial attitude throughout the duration of mediation can often help bridge the gap between parties.


It is important that each party takes responsibility for his or her share of the dispute. If there were things that a party did wrong or that contributed to the dispute, they should take ownership of this information. Owning up to past mistakes can be a brave thing to do while in the middle of a dispute. Ultimately, taking this first step may lead to a more collaborative relationship between the parties.


It is important for both parties to be reasonable throughout the process of mediation. A major advantage to mediation is that the parties can hear from a neutral third party about the strengths and weaknesses of their case. A mediator can explain how local courts have ruled in similar situations and how these results are different than what the client wants. This reality check can often help the parties see the downside of continued litigation so that they are willing to accept a reasonable offer.