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What is Dispute Arbitration in Chicago IL?

It has become increasingly more common for various types of contracts to include arbitration clauses requiring any legal disputes arising from the contract to be resolved through arbitration.   Dispute arbitration in Chicago Illinois is an alternative dispute resolution procedure whereby the parties agree to have their disagreement decided out-of-court by a third-party arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators rather than a judge.  If you have a contract dispute requiring dispute arbitration in Chicago Illinois, contact a local arbitrator right away for a consultation. Arbitration is governed by state and federal law, which recognizes that the parties to a dispute have... Read More

How Dispute Arbitration in Chicago IL Can Help With Your Contract Dispute

Dispute Arbitration in Chicago Illinois can be useful when it comes to contract disputes because it helps the parties avoid the costs, time and hassle of going to court while still having an independent third party decide their dispute. This can actually be a plus for both parties because, with dispute arbitration in Chicago Illinois, the parties can choose the third party who hears their case, based on experience dealing with the subject matter of the contract. This is opposed to using a judge, who is assigned to a case and may not have a strong background at the subject... Read More

Handle Employee Issues With Dispute Arbitration in Chicago IL

There are many times when a dispute with an employee about the employee wanting his or her voice to be heard and to make sure that they are getting treated fairly.  There are also other times where there is a very serious problem with employees in your business, and you need to get to the bottom of it.  With dispute arbitration in Chicago IL, you can keep employment matters out of court and give your employees a platform to have their needs heard.  With dispute arbitration in Chicago IL, you can ultimately save money and the emotional toll that employment... Read More