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Need-to-Knows on Personal Injury Mediation in Chicago IL

Personal injury mediation in Chicago IL has been recognized as an effective alternative to litigation.  However, this is a relatively new addition.  Individuals who may participate in personal injury mediation in Chicago IL should be aware of the following:  Timing of Mediation Mediation typically occurs after discovery is completed in a case.  Discovery is the process of determining the information that the other side plans to use at trial.  It is often helpful to wait for this time so that the parties have all of the necessary information to make an informed decision.  However, it can be requested at any... Read More

Dangers of Not Using a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago IL

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident or other type of accident, they may think that they can handle the claim without having to hire a personal injury attorney in Chicago Illinois.  However, not retaining the services of an experienced personal injury attorney in Chicago Illinois can be a huge mistake.  It can also expose you to a number of dangers including: Being Barred from Making a Claim Without a personal injury lawyer to assist, you may go past the time limit in which you can file a lawsuit against the negligent party.  This is because Illinois has... Read More

Express Emotion During Mediation to Personal Injury Mediator

One of the distinct benefits of using a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois is the ability to have honest and open conversation.  In a courtroom, the victim may have very limited time to tell his or her side of the story.  Additionally, the defendant may never directly talk to the victim due to legal advice against it.  However, a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois can offer insight into how to use emotion during mediation. Identify It  It is important for a personal injury mediator to allow the victim and the defendant to express their emotions.  This can help... Read More

Added Value of Having a Personal Injury Mediator in Aurora

Having a personal injury mediator in Aurora can make the difference between having a long, drawn-out court battle and having a clear agreement between the parties quickly laid out.  A personal injury mediator in Aurora adds tremendous value to the case in a number of important ways. A mediator who is well-versed in personal injury law is uniquely qualified to give the parties to the dispute a neutral read on the case.  He or she can often offer a strong prediction on how the court would respond to the case.  By pointing out the weaknesses on both sides of the... Read More

Three Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Mediator in Aurora

Using a personal injury mediator in Aurora is an alternative to going through the traditional court system for recovery.  A personal injury mediator in Aurora is a neutral third party who helps the parties reach an amicable solution to their legal dispute.  Using a personal injury mediator offers a number of benefits, including:  Faster Resolution Going through court to resolve nearly any type of legal issue is usually a long and arduous process.  Court dates may be delayed due to schedule conflicts.  Additionally, it can take months or years to make it to a trial date.  Mediation can be set... Read More