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Why You Should Hire a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney in a Dog Bite Case

As good as some dog owners are, there is always a chance that any dog could bite. Dog bites can be minor, like in the case with smaller dogs, to serious or possibly fatal, such as would be the case with a large dog. The costs of a dog bite could be extreme depending on the severity of the bite and you should hire a Chicago personal injury attorney to represent you if you or a loved one is the victim of a vicious dog.

In Chicago, dog owners are responsible for any expenses that arise due to the unprovoked dog bite. To have a valid case, the person must rightfully be on the dog owner’s property. This means that trespassers or someone who kicks the dog, for example, would not have the right to sue the dog’s owner, but others would. A dog’s owner does not have to have knowledge that their dog is dangerous. A dog’s first time biting someone can be the basis for a dog bite lawsuit.

There are many different types of expenses that can be paid out in a dog bite claim. These include medical bills, cosmetic surgery for scars, reimbursement for permanent scarring, emotional distress, lost wages and pain and suffering. These awards can add up to a significant sum in the case of a more serious bite, especially if there is severe scarring and it is best to have an attorney to fight for you.