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Do Not Withhold Fees in Condo Association Disputes in Cook County

When it comes to a dispute with your condo association, the value of an experienced and trained attorney cannot be overstated.  Without the advice of an attorney, many people rely on spurious hearsay and anecdotal advice that is often quite wrong and very damaging – to their interests.  While much of this advice may seem to make sense or come highly recommended by friends and associates, they are often dire mistakes.

Nonpayment of Fees

One example of poor advice regarding condo association disputes in Cook County is the advice to stop paying condo fees when a dispute has not been resolved to your satisfaction.  On the face of it, this seems like good advice: If the association will not address your concerns, withholding fees might seem like a good way of getting their attention, and may seem like the only weapon you have.

However, the Illinois courts have consistently landed on the side of the condo association in condo association disputes in Cook County involving non-payment of fees.  The courts have consistently ruled that even when embroiled in a dispute with owners, the condo association is fully within their rights to continue to collect fees to be used for the maintenance of the building and common areas.  In fact, withholding these fees can harm your case and can even lead to counter-suits or claims against you.  This can even include liens and other legal strategies to force payment for applicable fees.