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Do You Need a Condo Disputes Attorney in Chicago IL?

Disputes related to condominium associations are practically inevitable. Whether the condo dispute involves contractors, homeowners, tenants or the management company, the assistance of a knowledgeable and competent condo disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois will be essential in resolving any legal issues. If you are embroiled in dispute involving a condominium association, you should contact a condo disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois who has experience providing Illinois condominium and homeowners’ associations with legal advice and representation.

When large numbers of individuals live together in a community such as in condominium complex, conflicts will occur. Some of the more common condo legal disputes involve:

  • The right of an association to prohibit pets
  • Lawsuits against contractors
  • Lawsuits against unit owners for unpaid assessments
  • Actions for parking violations
  • Lawsuits regarding unauthorized modifications to the common elements
  • Lawsuits regarding nuisances by tenants or unit owners
  • Lawsuits against the developer
  • Actions regarding occupancy in a 55 and over community
  • Lawsuits regarding unauthorized rejections of buyers or renters
  • Litigation of breach of fiduciary claims
  • Opposition to neighboring development
  • Alleged violations of local ordinances
  • Restraining orders against unit owners who threaten violence

It is always in everyone’s best interests to resolve conflicts through clear and effective communication as soon as possible. Therefore, the best choice in any dispute is for the parties to attempt to voluntarily settle the matter out of court. It is only in cases where no agreement can be reached that litigation should be pursued. In that case, you need a condo disputes attorney who is fully capable of arguing your case in court or in arbitration.