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Express Emotion During Mediation to Personal Injury Mediator

One of the distinct benefits of using a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois is the ability to have honest and open conversation.  In a courtroom, the victim may have very limited time to tell his or her side of the story.  Additionally, the defendant may never directly talk to the victim due to legal advice against it.  However, a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois can offer insight into how to use emotion during mediation.

Identify It 

It is important for a personal injury mediator to allow the victim and the defendant to express their emotions.  This can help them clear the air and to truly communicate on a human level.  The parties may be influenced by their anger, frustration, disappointment or anxiety.  By identifying these emotions, the mediator sends the message that these emotions are meaningful and that they should be shared.

Channel It 

Once these emotions are identified, the parties can work on channeling them toward a positive resolution of the case.  Offering an apology can often be an important step in the mediation process.  Likewise, communicating about the underlying needs of the parties that have arisen after an accident can help resolve the case in a positive manner.  This process also allows the parties to make decisions while they are relying on reason rather than emotion.