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Advantages of Dispute Arbitration in Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property disputes are some of the most complex legal disputes imaginable. Multiple forms of law may be involved as well as the potential to have a major impact on a business. Dispute arbitration in Chicago IL may be able to effectively resolve intellectual property issues. Some reasons to consider dispute arbitration in Chicago IL for the resolution of intellectual property conflicts include: 


Arbitration can be confidential in nature if the parties agree to this in the arbitration agreement. This aspect can be a cornerstone to an effective resolution of an intellectual property dispute. Court proceedings are often public matters. In contrast, arbitration can keep information private so that the parties do not have to be concerned about the possibility of someone learning confidential information that they should not be privy to.

Faster Resolution

Court procedures are often drawn-out. In contrast, arbitration can help shorten the process. Arbitration is not decided by a court so there is no need to have to try to add the case onto the docket.

Subject Matter Expertise

One of the primary reasons why arbitration may be preferable to litigation in intellectual property disputes is the ability of the parties to decide who will decide the case. In court, a judge may be randomly drawn who may not have a clear understanding of intellectual property law. In arbitration, the parties can agree to choose someone with relevant expertise. This can allow the legal issues involved to be better addressed by someone who has more expertise in the area.