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Know Your Enemy before Hiring a Condo Disputes Attorney in Cook County

Condominiums have existed as a legal living situation and legal property instruments since ancient times, and remain a very popular way to purchase a home or invest funds.  What also has not changed much is the simple fact that when people live together in close proximity, sharing walls and other property, there will be conflict.

When dealing with a condominium dispute and hiring a condo disputes attorney in Cook County, however, there is a fundamental rule that should always be followed: Make sure you know who is actually responsible for the problem you are trying to resolve.

Common Area Mistakes

One of the common mistakes people make when seeking the assistance of a condo disputes attorney in Cook County is to seek redress from neighbors and fellow owners when the dispute centers on a common element of the property.  Common areas in condominiums, of course, are maintained by the condominium board, even if a fellow owner’s property abuts it, or if a specific owner has taken responsibility for the common space of their own volition.

Likewise, when seeking to hire a condo disputes attorney in Cook County for a specific problem, be certain you have identified the correct owner.  Condominiums can be difficult place to trace ownership and responsibility.  If your dispute centers on a noise complaint, keep in mind that you will have to pursue a nuisance complaint, as Illinois law does not cover noise standards in construction.