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Business Disputes Attorney in Chicago IL Helps Negotiate Settlements

When parties are involved in a business dispute, they may each retain their own business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois.  There may be a variety of ways to resolve a legal claim, but one common method that a business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois is to negotiate a settlement in favor of the client.

During a negotiation, each party is usually represented by his or her own attorney.  One of the attorneys may draft a proposed settlement agreement that he or she believes is a fair resolution of the case.  It is not uncommon though for this proposal to be skewed to one side, representing the attorney’s best effort to put his or her own client’s interests above that of the other party.

The parties may then start to negotiate in a group setting.  While the parties still act as adversaries during the negotiation process, they are also attempting to resolve the case through a resolution that is reached between the two parties.  Their attorneys help to reach this solution by fostering communication between the parties while also protecting their clients’ interests throughout the process.

At the same time, the parties are still proceeding toward litigation in the event that the negotiations do not result in a feasible settlement.  The attorney’s help follow the proper procedures and submit paperwork in the given time frame to protect their clients’ interests in the event that they cannot come to an agreement.