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Personal Injury attorney in Chicago IL: Maximizing Damages

A personal injury attorney in Chicago Illinois represents victims who have been hurt by another person’s negligence.  One of the most common ways that defendants defend claims against them is to deny that they caused the accident.  The next most common way is for them to deny the level of damages reported by the plaintiff.   A personal injury attorney in Chicago Illinois can take steps to ensure that the victim maximizes his or her recovery.

Seek Medical Treatment

Some types of injuries are not readily known.  A person may be involved in an accident that he or she considers a minor fender bender.  However, pain and other symptoms may crop up well after the date of the accident.  A personal injury attorney may advise accident victims to seek immediate medical treatment in order to identify any potential injuries.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

It is also important that accident victims follow their doctor’s orders.  If a doctor orders a person to stay home from work, it is important that the victim listen so that he or she does not exacerbate injuries.  A personal injury attorney can always include lost wages as part of a claim.

Keep Records

Personal injury victims must be diligent in retaining original records, including medical reports, imaging reports, doctors’ bills and employment records. These records can be used as objective evidence of a victim’s injuries and the extent of damages that he or she sustained as a result of the accident.