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Preparation Before Family Law Mediation in Chicago, IL

Family law mediation in Chicago IL can serve as an effective vehicle to help resolve family law cases.  Many clients who participate in this process walk away satisfied with a customized solution to the issues that they were encountering.  However, if parties are not properly prepared for family law mediation in Chicago IL, the process may not be a success.  Making sure that clients are prepared and aware of the process ahead can help increase the odds of a successful encounter.

Party participants should have a firm understanding of the mediation process and what is expected.  They must understand that the process is active in nature, not passive.  When parties have this understanding, they are more likely to reach a reasonable and satisfactory agreement that serves their underlying interests.  Parties should think long and hard about what it is that they are hoping to accomplish so that they enter mediation with the right mindset and attitude.

When parties are properly prepared, they will be less likely to be pressured into making an agreement that they do not actually want to agree to.  If this occurs, it is likely that they will need to hire a lawyer and start the process over again, which is not serving the client’s needs.  The goal of mediation is to reach a satisfactory agreement that consists of compromise from both parties but that also yields a feeling that they are gaining something important.