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Tactics and Strategies of a Personal Injury Mediator in Aurora, IL

Cases involving personal injury can include more than just physical hurt. Psychological distress can compound the situation and when a matter goes to mediation, emotions can run high.

A qualified and experienced personal injury mediator in Aurora, IL or elsewhere will be able to facilitate the negotiations and direct the parties involved to a mutually beneficial solution.

Creative Settlement Solutions

Before a mediator can even hope to settle the situation, a considerable amount of premeditation preparation must take place. Once the facts have been reviewed and the needs of each party are identified the mediator can then determine the best course of action and decide whether a joint or private mediation session would be more beneficial.

    • Joint mediation session: The main advantage of this form of mediation is that it allows the plaintiff to be seen and heard by the insurance adjustor which can make all the difference.


  • Private mediation: Typically instigated in larger and more complex cases where injuries are severe enough to prevent a party from appearing. This form of mediation allows the mediator to explore improbable assumptions about the claim.

These sessions can help the mediator understand what material and intangible issues are at play. If negotiations break down and the proceedings result in a stalemate, the personal injury mediator in Aurora, IL may be able to draft a ‘mediator’s proposal’ in which parties are able to settle without being in the same room.