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Three Ways to Win Before Trial: Commercial Litigation

If a company is sued or needs to sue another company, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL is contacted.  A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL handles the case at trial in which he or she presents the client’s argument and evidence that supports this position for a jury’s determination.  However, sometimes the case is won before the trial even starts.  Some times when this may occur includes: In Discovery Sometimes during the discovery process, the commercial litigation attorney gets a “smoking gun” that helps make the case.  This may be an admission by the other party, a compromising... Read More

Importance of Commercial Litigation in Chicago

One thing that a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois wants clients to be crystal clear on is the true cost of litigation.  Many clients are unaware of the financial aspect of litigation.  However, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois can also explain the non-monetary costs of litigation. Morale When commercial litigation is looming, morale can be affected.  If an employee is sued, others may fear the employer.  If a business relationship is lost, more uncertainty can follow.  Vendors and other allies of the business may feel trepidation due to litigation, which can ultimately affect the financial outlook of... Read More

Hiring a Commercial Litigation Attorney in Chicago IL in Your Franchise Dispute

The best outcome when it comes to a franchise dispute is not to have your commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL go running to court every time you don't agree with your franchisor.  In fact, one of the best things that you can do when you do not agree with your franchisor is to find a way to settle the matter outside the court system, which is, in fact, one of the reasons that many franchise agreements have some sort of mediation or arbitration clause. The best thing you can do in any franchise case is to maintain the relationship. ... Read More