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Using a Personal Injury Mediator in Aurora to Get Creative Types of Damages

When you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you are probably suffering from many types of damages. When you file a court case against those who injured you, there are some types of damages that are common, such as lost wages or medical bills. However, when you use a personal injury mediator in Aurora to help you settle your case, you may be able to settle you case in a way where the damages that are important to you are put front and center, sometimes coming up with more creative ways to settle your case. Through hiring a personal injury mediator in Aurora to help you settle your case, collecting damages that require some “outside the box” thinking is just one of the many advantages.

While you can collect many types of damages in court, there are some that can only be collected through settling your case. Some examples of that is setting up a college fund for your children since this may be difficult with lost wages or even setting up an annuity to give you a monthly payment for decades to cover your medical expenses and replacement services. While these may overlap the types of damages you can collect in court, mediation can collect what matters to you. With a personal injury mediator on your side, you can put what is important to the forefront when you are settling your case.