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What Are the Most Common Condo Association Disputes in Cook County?

While there can be almost limitless reasons for condo association disputes in Cook County, there are some kinds that are much more frequent than others. Some of these disputes could be interpersonal disputes between neighbors do to those neighbors simply not liking each other. However, other condo association disputes in Cook County can be more serious and lead to many more complaints.

Noise complaints are one of the most common types of disputes whenever many people live in the same area; this is no different in a condo. One partying neighbor can create a big headache if they are being noisy at late hours, especially if neighbors have to go to school or work the next day.

Another common complaint has to do with parking, especially when poor weather comes around. Neighbors using the wrong parking spot or parking badly can create real issues between neighbors. When it starts to snow, this can get even worse if neighbors “steal” spots cleared out by other neighbors.

One final condo association dispute in Cook County has to do with pets. While this can be an issue in any residential neighborhood, when there are many pets in the same area as a lot of people, there can be issues. Many times this can be a noisy or aggressive dog that neighbors are scared of. Another issue can be dog owners not picking up after their pets, leaving common areas dirty.