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When Should You Contact a Condo Disputes Attorney in Cook County?

While some condo disputes can be resolved outside of the courtroom, there are times when litigation is necessary. If you are involved in a condo dispute that you have been unable to resolve on your own, you should contact an experienced condo disputes attorney in Cook County to advise you on your rights under Illinois condominium law. Any legal action concerning a condo lien, foreclosure or eviction will definitely require the representation of an experienced condo disputes attorney in Cook County to ensure your rights are appropriately protected.

One type of condo dispute that is frequently litigated involves liens for unpaid dues and assessments placed on a unit owner’s condo. According to the Illinois Condominium Property Act, a condo association lien is prior to all other liens, with the exception of:

  • taxes and liens by certain governmental entities, and
  • encumbrances recorded before the date of the condo owner’s failure or refusal to pay the assessments or fines.

Once a condo association records the lien attached to a condo owner’s property in the county records, the condo association then has the right to begin a foreclosure action even if the unit owner is current on mortgage payments. Sometimes, rather than initiating foreclosure, a condo association chooses to evict the unit owner. An eviction requires the association to give the unit owner 30 days notice and the total amount due before taking this legal action. If you are dealing with a condo foreclosure or eviction, contact a local condo dispute attorney for assistance.