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When you need assistance with the law, you need an attorney who understands your situation. Travis Maisel, who practices in Chicago, the suburbs and the surrounding Counties, offers legal help and support with personal injury claims, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, insurance law, subrogation, and commercial law. Mr. Maisel also works as an arbitrator for business disputes, underinsured and uninsured motorist claims, and commercial claims.  As a mediator, he has an extensive background in tort, negligence, and insurance coverage claims, as well as commercial claims, business disputes, professional negligence disputes, and e-discovery.

An Attorney Who Understands the Benefits of ADR

Not all legal issues need litigation.  Working with an attorney who understands the benefits of mediation and arbitration can save you time, money, and endless headaches.  Travis Maisel has represented hundreds of clients during mediation and understands how everyone benefits when issues are resolved quickly, affordably, and with civility.

When ADR does not work, Mr. Maisel provides aggressive representation and support. He is a very experienced trial lawyer and will help you protect your rights and your interests.

If You Need a Mediator or Arbitrator

Many disputes, whether in litigation or before a lawsuit is filed, can be resolved with the help of a trained and experienced mediator or arbitrator, saving money and emotional pain. Mr. Maisel has been arbitrating disputes for over twenty years and is a trained mediator. Whether you are an attorney representing a client or someone who is unrepresented, if you want try to resolve your dispute without the expense and emotional distress of going through a trial, contact Mr. Maisel at (312) 553-8642 to discuss your situation and to see if mediation or arbitration will work for you.

Demonstrated Success as a Respected, Powerful Negotiator

When ADR does not work, Maisel provides aggressive representation and support.  He has a vast array of experience and will help you protect your rights and your interests.  Those in need of legal guidance in the Chicago, IL area and surrounding Counties deserve representation from an experienced attorney.  Call Travis Maisel today at (312) 553-8642 for a consultation.