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Benefits of Dispute Arbitration in Chicago IL

Dispute arbitration in Chicago Illinois may be initiated by one of the parties or may be required under a business contract.  In either event, dispute arbitration in Chicago Illinois consists of having a person or panel decide a legal issue outside the typical courtroom setting.  There are several reasons why many businesses prefer arbitration over litigation. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution that provides greater power to the parties than traditional litigation.  The parties are able to select their arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, allowing them to choose an arbitrator who has subject matter expertise.  This is often... Read More

Surprising Benefits of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Many business owners have heard the benefits of cost and time savings touted as a reason to participate in business mediation in Chicago Illinois.  However, there are many other benefits of business mediation in Chicago Illinois that are worth considering, including: Enhanced Communication Business mediation puts the parties in a room together with a professional trained in positive communication.  The mediator establishes ground rules of respect and gives each party the opportunity to express their side of the issue.  This often results in the parties hearing important information and understanding another perspective in a way that had not occurred previously.... Read More

Importance of Commercial Litigation in Chicago

One thing that a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois wants clients to be crystal clear on is the true cost of litigation.  Many clients are unaware of the financial aspect of litigation.  However, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois can also explain the non-monetary costs of litigation. Morale When commercial litigation is looming, morale can be affected.  If an employee is sued, others may fear the employer.  If a business relationship is lost, more uncertainty can follow.  Vendors and other allies of the business may feel trepidation due to litigation, which can ultimately affect the financial outlook of... Read More

Dangers of Not Using a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago IL

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident or other type of accident, they may think that they can handle the claim without having to hire a personal injury attorney in Chicago Illinois.  However, not retaining the services of an experienced personal injury attorney in Chicago Illinois can be a huge mistake.  It can also expose you to a number of dangers including: Being Barred from Making a Claim Without a personal injury lawyer to assist, you may go past the time limit in which you can file a lawsuit against the negligent party.  This is because Illinois has... Read More