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Considering the Use of a Commercial Litigation Attorney in Chicago IL

When business owners and others are embroiled in a dispute, the most well-known option to resolve the dispute is through litigation.  A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois helps his or her client through the court proceedings in order to seek an award by a judge or jury.  A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois prepares a case for trial even if it does not make its way all the way there. The parties are free to settle their case before the trial or even during it.  In fact, most cases do settle outside of court.  However, the work that... Read More

Explore Options with a Personal Injury Mediator in Chicago IL

Using a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois can often be the fastest and most affordable way to resolve a case.  He or she can explain the benefits of this process.  The ultimate goal of using a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois is to find a solution to a legal issue and to make plans for the future. Although a personal injury plaintiff may not have to pay on fees immediately due to entering into a contingency agreement with his or her legal representative, the costs associated with litigation can quickly add up.  Costs such as filing fees, deposition... Read More

Business Disputes Attorney in Chicago IL Helps Negotiate Settlements

When parties are involved in a business dispute, they may each retain their own business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois.  There may be a variety of ways to resolve a legal claim, but one common method that a business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois is to negotiate a settlement in favor of the client. During a negotiation, each party is usually represented by his or her own attorney.  One of the attorneys may draft a proposed settlement agreement that he or she believes is a fair resolution of the case.  It is not uncommon though for this proposal to be... Read More

Dialing Down the Emotion in Family Law Mediation in Chicago IL

Often in family law cases parties tend to be affected by strong emotions.  During family law mediation in Chicago Illinois, the parties will have an opportunity to negotiate and reach a compromise in a friendlier manner that does not bring about the typical anger, resentment and acrimony that result to a court battle.  Family law mediation in Chicago Illinois helps the parties work through these emotions so that they do not cloud their judgment when making important decisions about their family. Parties to mediation often have the goal of reaching an agreement that they can both live with, even if... Read More