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When To Use Arbitration in Chicago IL

Dispute arbitration in Chicago Illinois is a process that is similar to litigation but that comes with a few key advantages.  There are two primary times when dispute arbitration in Chicago Illinois is used: when it is mandatory and when the parties agree to it. Dispute arbitration may be mandatory if the parties through a contract agreed to use this type of resolution if a conflict arose. This may be in relation to a corporate contract, an insurance contract or a contract for the purchase of goods. Even clicking on a button or purchasing a ticket may come with this... Read More

A Guide To Commercial Litigation Case

A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois is responsible for pursuing the interests of his or her corporate client.  He or she has the ethical responsibility to zealously represent these interests. Under this umbrella, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois should inform his or her clients of the following information so that they are kept informed about their case through each milestone of the case: The Length of the Case A commercial litigation attorney should be upfront with clients about the potential length of the case. While some matters may be resolved more quickly, such as through a temporary... Read More

Personal Injury attorney in Chicago IL: Maximizing Damages

A personal injury attorney in Chicago Illinois represents victims who have been hurt by another person’s negligence.  One of the most common ways that defendants defend claims against them is to deny that they caused the accident.  The next most common way is for them to deny the level of damages reported by the plaintiff.   A personal injury attorney in Chicago Illinois can take steps to ensure that the victim maximizes his or her recovery. Seek Medical Treatment Some types of injuries are not readily known.  A person may be involved in an accident that he or she considers a... Read More

How to Win with Family Law Mediation in Chicago IL

In most court cases, there is a winner and a loser. However, it is possible when using family law mediation in Chicago Illinois for everyone to win, including the parents and the children.  In family law mediation in Chicago Illinois, a win/win solution is possible when the following steps are pursued. Redefine Winning It is easy in a court case to determine what is winning or what is losing because the judge rules in favor of the winning party.  However, in mediation, the definition of winning can often be expanded. For example, by considering factors that are important to the... Read More