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Handling Condo Association Disputes Through Mediation

While condo association disputes in Cook County can be disruptive to the living environment, there are often more effective ways to handle such disputes.  In particular, mediation can provide a reasonable solution to condo association disputes in Cook County. There are tremendous benefits to using mediation to help resolve claims of this nature.  One such benefit is the ability to save time and resources.  Mediation can be planned in weeks or months while litigation often takes years to conclude.  Additionally, time spent during mediation is not wasted by having to explain every aspect of condo law.  The parties can choose... Read More

Roles of a Condo Disputes Attorney

A condo disputes attorney in Cook County handles a wide variety of cases involving the numerous condo establishments throughout Chicago and the Cook County area.  Legal issues may arise between condo owners, tenants, condo associations, developers and other parties.  A condo disputes attorney in Cook County serves many important roles, including: Explanation of Rights A condo disputes attorney can analyze the facts and circumstances revolving around the current issue.  He or she can explain the client’s rights to him, whether the client is an individual owner or part of the condo association.  By relying on a thorough understanding of Illinois... Read More

Legal Assistance for Condo Association Disputes in Cook County

Condo association disputes in Cook County are quite common and can occur for a multitude of reasons. A more common type of condo dispute arises in circumstances where condo owners get behind on their monthly dues and/or special assessments related to the repair and maintenance of common areas. Once a condo owner defaults on these assessments, Illinois condominium law permits a condo association to attach an automatic lien to that owner’s unit. These types of condo association disputes in Cook County often result in litigation, requiring the expertise of a condo disputes attorney. The Illinois Condominium Property Act (765 Ill.... Read More