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Arbitration is an effective way to settle disputes in a controlled environment.  The process is less expensive and less antagonistic than litigation, but it still puts a third party in control of the final resolution.  Whether you are involved in a business dispute or you are faced with a personal issue involving injury, family matters, or employment, arbitration provides a fair and effective means by which to settle the debate.

Parties involved in arbitration are represented by attorneys and are free to speak their position.  Various avenues of resolution are explored and the process concludes with a neutral arbitrator levying a just decision.  Some arbitrations arrangements permit appeals if either party is unhappy with the decisions, but in other cases arbitration is mutually binding.  Parties can also agree in advance to settle any disputes that do arise through arbitration.

If you are in need of assistance settling a dispute and you would rather avoid the expense and time it takes to deal with litigation, arbitration can help.  It is essential you find a Chicago, IL attorney familiar experienced in representing clients in arbitration and work with an arbitrator who is trusted by both parties. Travis Maisel is that attorney. Call him today at (312) 553-8642 to get on the road towards resolution.