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Mediating Personal Injury Case With a Mediator

At the beginning of mediation, a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois explains his or her role as a neutral third party and the process of mediation.   A personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois may also highlight some of the advantages of using mediation, such as:

Faster Resolution

Mediated cases are often resolved much more quickly than litigated cases.   This allows the plaintiff to walk away with a settlement check to tend to his or her recovery and for the defendant to resolve the case without it looming over the business or client.

Clear Results

In mediation, the parties agree to the settlement.   They know the terms of the agreement because they help come up with them.   In litigation, it is often unpredictable what a judge or jury may decide.   This can leave the insurance company in a precarious position in case there is a runaway jury that awards a very high amount.   The plaintiff is also left unsure whether or not he or she will be able to recover for the injuries that he or she sustained.

Win-Win Result

In litigation, there is a clear winner and loser.   In mediation, it is possible to have a win-win result in which both parties feel that they won.   The agreement can be satisfactory to each party.