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The Three “Rs” of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Business mediation in Chicago IL is an option for individuals having a business dispute who are attempting to avoid the cost, frustration and animosity associated with litigation. Participants can often maintain a relationship going forward. Business mediation in Chicago IL can be even more effective when employing the following: Respect A skilled mediator often begins mediation by explaining ground rules to the parties. This generally includes an instruction for the parties to be respectful toward one another by not interrupting, using foul language or reacting with angry outbursts. Maintaining a cordial attitude throughout the duration of mediation can often help... Read More

Business Disputes Attorney in Chicago IL Helps Negotiate Settlements

When parties are involved in a business dispute, they may each retain their own business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois.  There may be a variety of ways to resolve a legal claim, but one common method that a business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois is to negotiate a settlement in favor of the client. During a negotiation, each party is usually represented by his or her own attorney.  One of the attorneys may draft a proposed settlement agreement that he or she believes is a fair resolution of the case.  It is not uncommon though for this proposal to be... Read More

Surprising Benefits of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Many business owners have heard the benefits of cost and time savings touted as a reason to participate in business mediation in Chicago Illinois.  However, there are many other benefits of business mediation in Chicago Illinois that are worth considering, including: Enhanced Communication Business mediation puts the parties in a room together with a professional trained in positive communication.  The mediator establishes ground rules of respect and gives each party the opportunity to express their side of the issue.  This often results in the parties hearing important information and understanding another perspective in a way that had not occurred previously.... Read More

The Benefits of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

More and more Chicago area businesses have been reaping the benefits of participating in business mediation in Chicago Illinois.  Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties settle their dispute out-of-court with the assistance of a third-party mediator who facilitates negotiation communications.  If you are involved in a business dispute, you may want to consider using business mediation in Chicago Illinois to reach a settlement of the matter in a more cost-effective and timely manner than a traditional lawsuit. Business mediation is a voluntary and confidential procedure used as a means to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution of a... Read More

Do You Need a Business Disputes Lawyer in Aurora?

When Chicago businesses enter into contractual agreements, there is an expectation that the terms of the contract are clear and will be binding upon both parties. Unfortunately, business relationships sometimes go sour, and seemingly certain terms in a contract can often give rise to business disputes. In these circumstances, you will need the assistance of an experienced business disputes lawyer in Aurora. A consultation with a business disputes lawyer in Aurora can help give you some insight into the strengths of your case to help you better understand your legal options. The most common types of business disputes involve disagreements over... Read More