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Avoiding Lawsuits Based on Debt Collection Practices

A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois can represent businesses when they are sued.   However, he or she can also provide advice about certain transactions to avoid an expensive lawsuit from arising in the first place.   Some tips that a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois may provide about debt collection includes: Avoid Abusive Tactics Federal laws strongly prohibit abusive tactics when attempting to collect a debt.   Prohibited activities include using obscene language, harassing conduct such as calling too early or too late, threatening criminal action or threatening civil action that cannot legally be taken. Establish Clear Provisions Late fees... Read More

Mediating Personal Injury Case With a Mediator

At the beginning of mediation, a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois explains his or her role as a neutral third party and the process of mediation.   A personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois may also highlight some of the advantages of using mediation, such as: Faster Resolution Mediated cases are often resolved much more quickly than litigated cases.   This allows the plaintiff to walk away with a settlement check to tend to his or her recovery and for the defendant to resolve the case without it looming over the business or client. Clear Results In mediation, the parties agree... Read More

Value of Mediating Business Disputes

A business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois may try a number of tactics to get individuals to resolve their differences.   One of the most commonly used strategies is that of mediation.   A business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois can explain the types of legal issues that this process can effectively resolve and the benefits of using it. Mediation can help resolve a number of legal issues that arise in the commercial setting, including: Negotiating a partnership agreement when establishing a new business Resolving conflicts between co-workers Resolving conflicts between competitors Renegotiating partnership agreements and other contracts Negotiating the terms of... Read More