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Family Law Mediation in Chicago IL: Get in the Driver’s Seat

Although family law mediation in Chicago Illinois has been common for many years, many people still traditionally think of family law issues such as divorce and child custody only being sorted out in court.  However, family law mediation in Chicago Illinois provides many advantages over traditional litigation, one of which is the ability for the parties to control the outcome of the case.

In litigation, the judge ultimately determines the case based on people that he or she knows very little about.  This decision can have consequences for years to come.  In mediation, the parents have the power to determine decisions that will impact their children and family.  The parents can avoid the uncertainty of litigation and a stranger making important decisions.  Additionally, they know details about their own schedules, priorities and lifestyles that can impact the feasibility or effectiveness of a particular plan better than anyone else.

Mediation can often be a cathartic experience for the parties.  They may bring up difficult emotions and experiences with the mediator which can be addressed in a calm and safe setting.  Once these emotions are acknowledged, the parties can often get back to focusing on potential resolutions of their case and can brainstorm possible solutions.  This process often helps the parties lay a new foundation for their relationship as co-parents.