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Surprising Benefits of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Many business owners have heard the benefits of cost and time savings touted as a reason to participate in business mediation in Chicago Illinois.  However, there are many other benefits of business mediation in Chicago Illinois that are worth considering, including: Enhanced Communication Business mediation puts the parties in a room together with a professional trained in positive communication.  The mediator establishes ground rules of respect and gives each party the opportunity to express their side of the issue.  This often results in the parties hearing important information and understanding another perspective in a way that had not occurred previously.... Read More

The Key to Success: A Will County Lawsuit Mediator

Lawsuits are flooding the nation’s courts, and the courts have increasingly been taking steps to control the flood of business on their calendars. One of the popular ways the courts have been using to slow down the deluge is to order pre-trial mediation in an attempt to force two sides of a litigation to sit down and hash out a settlement before taking up the court’s time and resources. Rather than viewing this delay, it is much better to view it as an opportunity. When you identify and bring in the right Will County lawsuit mediator with the right background... Read More

Do Not Withhold Fees in Condo Association Disputes in Cook County

When it comes to a dispute with your condo association, the value of an experienced and trained attorney cannot be overstated.  Without the advice of an attorney, many people rely on spurious hearsay and anecdotal advice that is often quite wrong and very damaging – to their interests.  While much of this advice may seem to make sense or come highly recommended by friends and associates, they are often dire mistakes. Nonpayment of Fees One example of poor advice regarding condo association disputes in Cook County is the advice to stop paying condo fees when a dispute has not been... Read More

Know Your Enemy before Hiring a Condo Disputes Attorney in Cook County

Condominiums have existed as a legal living situation and legal property instruments since ancient times, and remain a very popular way to purchase a home or invest funds.  What also has not changed much is the simple fact that when people live together in close proximity, sharing walls and other property, there will be conflict. When dealing with a condominium dispute and hiring a condo disputes attorney in Cook County, however, there is a fundamental rule that should always be followed: Make sure you know who is actually responsible for the problem you are trying to resolve. Common Area Mistakes... Read More

Four Things Your Business Disputes Lawyer in Aurora Needs to Know

Business relationships are built on contracts.  A well-written and thoughtfully-worded contract can both protect and energize a business partnership, allowing each partner to benefit from the agreement as agreed.  The sacredness of the contract means that when someone feels they need a business disputes lawyer in Aurora to settle a contract dispute, it is often a shocking and surprising event, especially if the breach of contract is imagined to be purposeful, and immediate satisfaction is not offered. The Four Pieces When you contact a business disputes lawyer in Aurora concerning a claim of breach of contract between you and a... Read More