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Protect Your Rights by Hiring a Condo Disputes Attorney

Whenever there are many people living in the same building, there is the possibility of disputes between condo owners. There can be much different kind of disputes, which could cause some real issues when it comes to someone's personal enjoyment of their condo. The best thing that you can do if you are dealing with a dispute with someone in your building is to hire a condo disputes attorney in Cook County. There could be almost endless types of disputes when it comes to different condo owners. Usually, some of the most common involve noise complaints, an owner refusing to... Read More

Handle Condo Association Disputes: Over Improper Condo Maintenance

Part of the reason that people buy condos, and subject themselves to a monthly condo association fee, are that they do not want to be personally responsible for maintenance of the building they are living in or the grounds that are around it. Condo owners pay fees to make sure that the condo association handles these kinds of issues. However, sometimes the condo association does not do what they are contracted to, leading to disputes. Many condo owners would like to avoid having to get into a condo association dispute because, ultimately, no one really wants to spend money on... Read More

Why You Should Hire a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney in a Dog Bite Case

As good as some dog owners are, there is always a chance that any dog could bite. Dog bites can be minor, like in the case with smaller dogs, to serious or possibly fatal, such as would be the case with a large dog. The costs of a dog bite could be extreme depending on the severity of the bite and you should hire a Chicago personal injury attorney to represent you if you or a loved one is the victim of a vicious dog. In Chicago, dog owners are responsible for any expenses that arise due to the unprovoked... Read More

Why Hiring a Chicago Business Disputes Lawyer Is so Important in Strained Relationships With Sub-Contractors

Hiring subcontractors is often just part of doing business, especially when it comes to licensed general contractors and builders. It is rare that a construction project goes forward without some sort of subcontractor who is a specialist at a part of that construction that the general contractor just isn't as knowledgeable about. Unfortunately, there are times where the contractor/subcontractor relationship goes bad, meaning involvement by a Chicago business disputes lawyer. Usually, contractor/subcontractor relationships have a clear contract as to what needs to be done by what the pay is. However, issues can arise in any contract, meaning that there could... Read More