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Auto Accident Cases Requiring an Aurora Personal Injury Mediator

There are many reasons why drivers involved in accidents and who suffer injuries may wish to pursue meditation as an alternative means of dispute resolution in the state of Illinios. Without the help of a qualified Aurora personal injury mediator however, it is doubtful that at fair and equitable solution will be reached. The circumstances that lead to such situations can be as varied as the intricacies of the case but often stem from the fact that Illinois is a fault insurance state, something that can drag out or complicate the discovery process. Illinois as a “Fault” Car Insurance State... Read More

Dealing with the Aftermath of Car Accidents in Aurora, IL

Road accidents typically occur when drivers least expect them and even with all of the proper insurance policies in place, the aftermath of car accidents in Aurora, IL or in general can and often do affect the lives of those involved for weeks or months, and sometimes years if options for legal recourse are explored. Negotiating with Car Insurance Companies In the event that you have an accident the first thing you should do is document the scene and note down the details of the other driver as evidence in support of your claim when dealing with your insurance company.... Read More

Filing for Wrongful Death in DuPage County After an Auto Accident

In cases involving accidental death, authorities will conduct an investigation in order to ascertain the facts and reconstruct the events and circumstances that lead to the end result. While such efforts may bring some small comfort in this difficult time, it still leaves the family of the victim with an overwhelming sense of loss. Hiring an experienced auto accident attorney to handle the legalese of filing for wrongful death in DuPage County should be a top priority as time is a crucial factor. Additionally, such attorneys can help immensely where the grieving process is concerned and are able to file... Read More

Illinois State Statutes and Wrongful Death Cases in Wheaton IL

Understandably, the obvious reaction to hearing of the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one in an auto accident is one of profound sadness and grief. As these types of wrongful death cases in Wheaton IL or elsewhere are often labeled as instances of “accidental death,” the surviving family members of the victim can become confused as to what options are left open to them. In many cases, litigation is a viable course of action and can help to bring closure at this difficult time however there are certain time restrictions in place as established by the Illinois state... Read More