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Roles of a Condo Disputes Attorney

A condo disputes attorney in Cook County handles a wide variety of cases involving the numerous condo establishments throughout Chicago and the Cook County area.  Legal issues may arise between condo owners, tenants, condo associations, developers and other parties.  A condo disputes attorney in Cook County serves many important roles, including: Explanation of Rights A condo disputes attorney can analyze the facts and circumstances revolving around the current issue.  He or she can explain the client’s rights to him, whether the client is an individual owner or part of the condo association.  By relying on a thorough understanding of Illinois... Read More

Scenarios a Business Disputes Lawyer in Aurora Can Assist With

Chicago businesses enter into contracts and new projects on a constant basis.  This characteristic makes it likely that many businesses will need to rely on a business disputes lawyer in Aurora at some point during the life of their business.  A business disputes lawyer in Aurora can assist in the following scenarios: Explanation of Contract Terms A business disputes lawyer can sometimes help prevent business disputes from arising in the first place.  He or she can review a contract objectively to determine if the wording of the contract is clear or ambiguous.  He or she can recommend changes to be... Read More

Three Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Mediator in Aurora

Using a personal injury mediator in Aurora is an alternative to going through the traditional court system for recovery.  A personal injury mediator in Aurora is a neutral third party who helps the parties reach an amicable solution to their legal dispute.  Using a personal injury mediator offers a number of benefits, including:  Faster Resolution Going through court to resolve nearly any type of legal issue is usually a long and arduous process.  Court dates may be delayed due to schedule conflicts.  Additionally, it can take months or years to make it to a trial date.  Mediation can be set... Read More

Common Condo Association Disputes in Cook County

Any time that a large group of people live in a confined amount of space; there is the potential that there will be conflict.  Condo association disputes in Cook County are legal issues that arise between individual condo owners and the condo association.  Some of the most common condo association disputes in Cook County include: Fees and Fines of Condo Owners Individual condo owners may be subject to a number of assessments and fines by a condo association that has been empowered with these rights.  Condo associations may impose fines because of parking violations, collect dues for the upkeep of... Read More