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Areas of Practice

Personal InjuryRead More
Suffering injuries in an accident is one of the scariest experiences of your life. Not only are you concerned about your health and healing, you are also faced with harassment from insurance companies and aggressive action from medical billing professionals, both of whom might choose to behave not so professionally.
Commercial LitigationRead More
As a business owner or someone with a stake in a business, you need a law firm with significant experience representing business clients – a Chicago firm familiar with working on behalf of businesses suing for fraud, patent infringement, antitrust, employment disputes, breach of contract and other causes of action.
ArbitrationRead More
Arbitration is an effective way to settle disputes in a controlled environment. The process is less expensive and less antagonistic than litigation, but it still puts a third party in control of the final resolution. Whether you are involved in a business dispute or you are faced with a personal issue involving injury, family matters, or employment, arbitration provides a fair and effective means by which to settle the debate.
MediationRead More
Mediation provides a fair, non-confrontational method by which to settle a variety of legal disputes. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that puts those most affected by the dispute and its resolution in control of the outcome. Successful mediations are not considered so until both sides of a dispute are satisfied with a resolution.