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Family Law Mediation in Chicago IL: Get in the Driver’s Seat

Although family law mediation in Chicago Illinois has been common for many years, many people still traditionally think of family law issues such as divorce and child custody only being sorted out in court.  However, family law mediation in Chicago Illinois provides many advantages over traditional litigation, one of which is the ability for the parties to control the outcome of the case. In litigation, the judge ultimately determines the case based on people that he or she knows very little about.  This decision can have consequences for years to come.  In mediation, the parents have the power to determine... Read More

How to Win with Family Law Mediation in Chicago IL

In most court cases, there is a winner and a loser. However, it is possible when using family law mediation in Chicago Illinois for everyone to win, including the parents and the children.  In family law mediation in Chicago Illinois, a win/win solution is possible when the following steps are pursued. Redefine Winning It is easy in a court case to determine what is winning or what is losing because the judge rules in favor of the winning party.  However, in mediation, the definition of winning can often be expanded. For example, by considering factors that are important to the... Read More

Dealing with Emotion in Family Law Mediation

Often in family law cases parties tend to be affected by strong emotions.  During family law mediation in Chicago Illinois, the parties will have an opportunity to negotiate and reach a compromise in a friendlier manner that does not bring about the typical anger, resentment and acrimony that result to a court battle.  Family law mediation in Chicago Illinois helps the parties work through these emotions so that they do not cloud their judgment when making important decisions about their family. Parties to mediation often have the goal of reaching an agreement that they can both live with, even if... Read More

Preparation Before Family Law Mediation in Chicago, IL

Family law mediation in Chicago IL can serve as an effective vehicle to help resolve family law cases.  Many clients who participate in this process walk away satisfied with a customized solution to the issues that they were encountering.  However, if parties are not properly prepared for family law mediation in Chicago IL, the process may not be a success.  Making sure that clients are prepared and aware of the process ahead can help increase the odds of a successful encounter. Party participants should have a firm understanding of the mediation process and what is expected.  They must understand that... Read More