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Alternatives To Arbitration: Commercial Disputes

A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL can talk to clients before accepting a case to discuss possible alternatives to litigation and the true costs involved with litigation. Arbitration and mediation may be considered. However, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL can explain when arbitration may not be the best option in certain situations and how litigation may be preferred. Arbitration is sometimes touted as a less expensive alternative to litigation. However, in more recent years the costs of arbitration have increased. Additionally, if large stakes are involved, litigation may be the only practical way to get the results... Read More

The Three “Rs” of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Business mediation in Chicago IL is an option for individuals having a business dispute who are attempting to avoid the cost, frustration and animosity associated with litigation. Participants can often maintain a relationship going forward. Business mediation in Chicago IL can be even more effective when employing the following: Respect A skilled mediator often begins mediation by explaining ground rules to the parties. This generally includes an instruction for the parties to be respectful toward one another by not interrupting, using foul language or reacting with angry outbursts. Maintaining a cordial attitude throughout the duration of mediation can often help... Read More

Advantages of Dispute Arbitration in Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual property disputes are some of the most complex legal disputes imaginable. Multiple forms of law may be involved as well as the potential to have a major impact on a business. Dispute arbitration in Chicago IL may be able to effectively resolve intellectual property issues. Some reasons to consider dispute arbitration in Chicago IL for the resolution of intellectual property conflicts include:  Confidentiality Arbitration can be confidential in nature if the parties agree to this in the arbitration agreement. This aspect can be a cornerstone to an effective resolution of an intellectual property dispute. Court proceedings are often public... Read More

personal injury attorney in Chicago IL Detriments of Social Media Use

After discussing the case with a client, a personal injury attorney in Chicago IL may provide warnings to clients. These warnings may include instructions on what to do or not to do in a personal injury case. Some of these directives may pertain to social media use. Some ways that social media may be used to the detriment of clients includes: Reviewed for Statements When involved in a personal injury case, the adverse party or his or her legal counsel may scour over a personal social media page for statements related to the accident. They may try to use this... Read More