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Commercial Litigation

As a business owner or someone with a stake in a business, you need a law firm with significant experience representing business clients – a Chicago firm familiar with working on behalf of businesses suing for fraud, patent infringement, antitrust, employment disputes, breach of contract and other causes of action.

Commercial litigation addresses a variety of issues, including:

  • Anti-trust and trade
  • Securities
  • Corporate
  • Franchise
  • RICO and consumer protection
  • Real estate and tax assessment

Your business’ success hinges on finding a law firm able to help you with legal actions against competition, those using unfair or illegal practices, or those trying to take advantage of your company.

It is also essential you have someone represent your interest and walk you through many of the common legal challenges faced by business owners.  That’s why you need Travis Maisel. Now more than ever, it is essential businesses for businesses to have firm, aggressive and knowledgeable legal support. Call him today at (312) 553-8642 for a consultation.