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Family Law Mediation in Chicago IL: Get in the Driver’s Seat

Although family law mediation in Chicago Illinois has been common for many years, many people still traditionally think of family law issues such as divorce and child custody only being sorted out in court.  However, family law mediation in Chicago Illinois provides many advantages over traditional litigation, one of which is the ability for the parties to control the outcome of the case. In litigation, the judge ultimately determines the case based on people that he or she knows very little about.  This decision can have consequences for years to come.  In mediation, the parents have the power to determine... Read More

How To Overcome an Impasse in Business Disputes Mediation

A business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois has seen many business associates reach an impasse regarding a commercial matter.  However, such impasses are not insurmountable.  Some ways that a business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois may recommend getting past these hurdles include: Consider Mediation Mediation is a cooperative approach to resolving a legal dispute.  A mediator can provide an objective opinion about the strength or weakness of a case or position as well as a fresh perspective.  He or she can remind the parties of the stakes involved in a case such as a long-standing relationship and of the negative... Read More

Strategies in Preparing for Litigation

A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois can explain that there are many strategies that businesses can use to head off litigation and to protect their interests in case litigation ensues.  Some recommendations that a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois may make include: Get Insurance If the business is sued, it is important to have the right insurance in place.  The insurance company may be required to provide legal representation to the business in this event.  If the business is liable for a claim that is covered under the policy, the insurance company may also be responsible for indemnifying... Read More

Mediation Tips from a Personal Injury Mediator

A personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois helps parties clarify the facts and timeline involved in a personal injury case and move toward a settlement of their claim.  Some suggestions that a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois may recommend include: Request a Representative with Settlement Authority When dealing with an insurance company, it is important that the person sent to mediation to represent the defendant has the ability to settle the claim.  Otherwise, the parties may spend the entire time working steadily toward a goal and this goal not being realized at the last minute. Be Involved in the... Read More