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Preparation Before Family Law Mediation in Chicago, IL

Family law mediation in Chicago IL can serve as an effective vehicle to help resolve family law cases.  Many clients who participate in this process walk away satisfied with a customized solution to the issues that they were encountering.  However, if parties are not properly prepared for family law mediation in Chicago IL, the process may not be a success.  Making sure that clients are prepared and aware of the process ahead can help increase the odds of a successful encounter. Party participants should have a firm understanding of the mediation process and what is expected.  They must understand that... Read More

How Dispute Arbitration in Chicago IL Differs from Litigation

In some situations, parties who are involved in a legal dispute may decide to participate in dispute arbitration in Chicago IL rather than move forward with litigation.  Dispute arbitration in Chicago IL differs from litigation in a number of key ways, including; Arbitration Agreement In litigation, the parties must comply with rules based on civil procedure and evidence.  In arbitration, the basis of the conduct and procedures of the parties are based on the arbitration agreement that the parties sign.  This agreement sets forth the particular issues that will be decided and whether traditional rules of evidence will apply. Fact... Read More

Three Ways to Win Before Trial: Commercial Litigation

If a company is sued or needs to sue another company, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL is contacted.  A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL handles the case at trial in which he or she presents the client’s argument and evidence that supports this position for a jury’s determination.  However, sometimes the case is won before the trial even starts.  Some times when this may occur includes: In Discovery Sometimes during the discovery process, the commercial litigation attorney gets a “smoking gun” that helps make the case.  This may be an admission by the other party, a compromising... Read More

Need-to-Knows on Personal Injury Mediation in Chicago IL

Personal injury mediation in Chicago IL has been recognized as an effective alternative to litigation.  However, this is a relatively new addition.  Individuals who may participate in personal injury mediation in Chicago IL should be aware of the following:  Timing of Mediation Mediation typically occurs after discovery is completed in a case.  Discovery is the process of determining the information that the other side plans to use at trial.  It is often helpful to wait for this time so that the parties have all of the necessary information to make an informed decision.  However, it can be requested at any... Read More