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Handling Condo Association Disputes Through Mediation

While condo association disputes in Cook County can be disruptive to the living environment, there are often more effective ways to handle such disputes.  In particular, mediation can provide a reasonable solution to condo association disputes in Cook County. There are tremendous benefits to using mediation to help resolve claims of this nature.  One such benefit is the ability to save time and resources.  Mediation can be planned in weeks or months while litigation often takes years to conclude.  Additionally, time spent during mediation is not wasted by having to explain every aspect of condo law.  The parties can choose... Read More

What a Condo Disputes Attorney in Cook County Can Do for You

Given the economic opportunities and premium real estate in Chicago and the surrounding area, Cook County represents one of the most sought-after areas of real estate in the country.  With this high demand also comes the potential of disputes in which a condo disputes attorney in Cook County is retained by each party.  A condo disputes attorney in Cook County can serve an important role in helping to resolve claims of this nature. A condo dispute can arise in any number of situations.  An owner may allege that the condo association breached a fiduciary duty.  A condo association may pursue... Read More

Times to Call a Business Disputes Lawyer in Aurora

There are certain acts that can trigger the need for a business disputes lawyer in Aurora.  Some of the most common reasons why you may need to contact a business disputes lawyer in Aurora include: You Need a Contract Written No one knows better how to avoid disputes than business disputes lawyers.  Often, the easiest way to avoid such disputes is to have all contracts written in a manner that clearly identifies the parties, duties of the parties, payment terms and any other provisions that the parties have discussed and agreed to.  If a problem arises, it is best to... Read More

Added Value of Having a Personal Injury Mediator in Aurora

Having a personal injury mediator in Aurora can make the difference between having a long, drawn-out court battle and having a clear agreement between the parties quickly laid out.  A personal injury mediator in Aurora adds tremendous value to the case in a number of important ways. A mediator who is well-versed in personal injury law is uniquely qualified to give the parties to the dispute a neutral read on the case.  He or she can often offer a strong prediction on how the court would respond to the case.  By pointing out the weaknesses on both sides of the... Read More