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Value of Mediating Business Disputes

A business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois may try a number of tactics to get individuals to resolve their differences.   One of the most commonly used strategies is that of mediation.   A business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois can explain the types of legal issues that this process can effectively resolve and the benefits of using it.

Mediation can help resolve a number of legal issues that arise in the commercial setting, including:

  • Negotiating a partnership agreement when establishing a new business
  • Resolving conflicts between co-workers
  • Resolving conflicts between competitors
  • Renegotiating partnership agreements and other contracts
  • Negotiating the terms of the dissolution of a business
  • Resolving financial issues such as unpaid debts
  • Resolving issues with contractors for work that was not completed or did not meet standards

Mediation helps maintain working relationships between the parties of a dispute.   It is a particularly effective method of resolving disputes because it puts parties who are on opposing ends of a dispute in a position where they work together.   Both parties benefit from using this process because mediation offers savings of time and money.   Being able to expeditiously resolve problems allows the parties to move on more quickly with a minimal impact to their relationship so that new business deals can be made and projects can continue in a timely manner.