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Chicago, IL Personal Injury Mediator

Chicago, IL Personal Injury Mediator Provides Effective Resolution of Claims

Personal injury claims are often complex and may involve multiple parties with competing interests. If no intervention occurs, these cases can often drag out for years before finally being resolved in contentious litigation. However, there is often a more affordable and amicable way of resolving these types of cases: mediation. Mediation is a process in which a third-party neutral mediator helps the parties to resolve their case through a respectful exchange of information. If the parties are able to reach a resolution, they can settle the case and end or prevent litigation.

Travis Maisel is the founder of The Law Office of Travis G. Maisel and an experienced Chicago, IL personal injury mediator. His unique skill-set and effective communication skills have allowed parties to successfully resolve their claims.

Benefits of Personal Injury Mediation in Chicago, IL
Some of the many benefits of personal injury mediation are:
• More control over the outcome
• Parties participate on an even playing field
• Both parties have the opportunity to be heard and to communicate their position
• Less litigation expense
• Case is resolved faster

What to Expect: Personal Injury Mediation Process
During personal injury mediation, the injured party may appear with his or her legal counsel. A representative of the insurance company usually represents the defense. The mediator lays the ground rules for mediation at the beginning of the mediation session and explains that he or she is not a decision maker in the case but instead is there to help the parties better communicate and guide them toward an amicable resolution of the case.

The mediator may then ask each party to give an opening statement on their position about the case. The accident victim may discuss things like how the accident impacted them and the damages that they sustained. The insurance adjuster may discuss issues with comparative negligence, problems with establishing liability or inconsistencies that have prevented them from making an offer on par with the victim’s demand.

Next, the mediator usually divides the parties in separate rooms. The mediator then visits the parties alone in each room to gather more information and to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the case. The mediator then visits the other party and shares information he or she has been given permission to share. Eventually, one of the parties makes an offer and the mediator communicates it to the other party, who usually responds by making a counteroffer. Once the parties both agreed to one of the offers, the mediator draws up the paperwork that communicates their agreement.

Contact a Chicago, IL Personal Injury Mediator
If you are involved in a personal injury case, and would like to explore alternative options to resolve your case, contact The Law Office of Travis G. Maisel. We are dedicated to helping you find common ground and finally reach a resolution in your case so that you are able to concentrate on the future. Schedule a confidential consultation with a seasoned Chicago, IL personal injury mediator. Call (312) 332-5882 or contact us online to find out more about this option.

Travis G. Maisel Chicago, IL Personal Injury Mediator