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How To Overcome an Impasse in Business Disputes Mediation

A business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois has seen many business associates reach an impasse regarding a commercial matter.  However, such impasses are not insurmountable.  Some ways that a business disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois may recommend getting past these hurdles include:

Consider Mediation

Mediation is a cooperative approach to resolving a legal dispute.  A mediator can provide an objective opinion about the strength or weakness of a case or position as well as a fresh perspective.  He or she can remind the parties of the stakes involved in a case such as a long-standing relationship and of the negative consequences of pursuing litigation, such as the added costs, time and frustration.

Get to the Root Cause 

While mediation focuses on the legal aspects of the case, it may also consider other factors.  There may be hard feelings that are causing the parties to refuse to negotiate a settlement of a dispute.  A mediator can often get to the root cause of the dispute and then have the parties communicate about this in order to move toward an amicable resolution.

Be Open to Suggestions

There may be other ways to resolve the dispute that the parties have not considered.  They may be able to negotiate a financial dispute in ranges rather than only adjusting their values by the same increments.  One partner may agree to volunteer time into creating a new program or contributing to the other party’s favorite charity.  They may put together a joint community-based program.  The more open-minded the parties are, the more likely they will be able to move past the impasse.