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Three Ways to Win Before Trial: Commercial Litigation

If a company is sued or needs to sue another company, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL is contacted.  A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL handles the case at trial in which he or she presents the client’s argument and evidence that supports this position for a jury’s determination.  However, sometimes the case is won before the trial even starts.  Some times when this may occur includes:

In Discovery

Sometimes during the discovery process, the commercial litigation attorney gets a “smoking gun” that helps make the case.  This may be an admission by the other party, a compromising communication or a document that confirms the party’s contentions.  By carefully drafting discovery requests and asking for the production of certain documents, a commercial litigation attorney may be able to acquire important information that can later be used as evidence.  

On a Motion

In other cases, the outcome of a motion can be the deciding issue.  Motions may be made to compel certain production of evidence or an answer to an interrogatory or deposition question, to keep certain information out of evidence or to disqualify an expert witness.

In Mediation

Prior to litigation, the parties may decide to mediate the case.  When a case is well prepared by a commercial litigation attorney, the party will be in a better place to negotiate a just settlement.  If the case is resolved in mediation, the trial will not go further.