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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Mediator in Chicago IL

If you are involved in a personal injury case, you may want to consider hiring a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois to assist you in resolving your claim. Recently, there has been movement away from stressful, expensive and time-consuming personal injury litigation in favor of mediation as a method of settling personal injury disputes. If you are involved in an Illinois personal injury case and have reached an impasse in negotiations with your insurance company, a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois may be able to help you find common ground with the insurance company if both sides agree to talk to a mediator. A mediator does not act as an attorney for or represent either side.

Mediation has become an increasingly more popular alternative dispute resolution method which is being utilized in all varieties of legal disputes, including personal injury cases. In a personal injury mediation session, the disputing parties meet with a disinterested third person called a mediator who is trained to assist people come to a mutually acceptable solution to their conflict. Unlike a judge in a traditional court case, a mediator does not make a final decision about the dispute, but rather facilitates communication between the parties who themselves come to a final agreement.

Personal injury mediation is an informal and confidential procedure which is entirely voluntary, unless there is a contract between the parties that requires mediation as per the agreement. Additionally, the cost of mediation is typically less than attorney’s fees and is usually split equally between the two sides. All in all, personal injury mediation is a cost-efficient and effective means of settling personal injury claims out of court. Contact a local personal injury mediator for more information about the advantages of mediating your personal injury claim.