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Noise Complaint Chicago: Condo Disputes

Urban living comes with plenty of advantages, such as access to culture, as well as frustrations. Condominiums are, by their very nature, tightly packed living spaces, and whenever people are thrust together they will come into conflict. Most of these conflicts are resolved with a polite conversation. Sometimes, however, no one feels they are truly at fault and resolving these conflicts can require litigation and the assistance of an experienced condo disputes attorney in Cook County.

Noise and Condo Life

Noise is part of city living: Sirens in the distance, refuse trucks collecting trash, people walking home from a nightcap. Cook County and the city of Chicago do have strict noise standards enshrined in law, however, especially concerning the levels of noise and vibration that enter your private living space. These limits are

  • 55 decibels (dB) between the hours of 9PM and 8AM (overnight)
  • 80 dB at all other times

Your condo association is responsible for your quality of life in these matters. They can require your neighbors to install carpeting or other soundproofing measures, and can sue the developer and builder for a lack of proper noise control.

Keep in mind that noise is not always due to loud neighbors—noise from a variety of sources can hurt your quality of life, including

  • loud air conditioning
  • loud elevator operation
  • loud common area noise

You deserve a peaceful life—contact an experienced attorney to get it back.