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Why Hiring a Chicago Business Disputes Lawyer Is so Important in Strained Relationships With Sub-Contractors

Hiring subcontractors is often just part of doing business, especially when it comes to licensed general contractors and builders. It is rare that a construction project goes forward without some sort of subcontractor who is a specialist at a part of that construction that the general contractor just isn’t as knowledgeable about. Unfortunately, there are times where the contractor/subcontractor relationship goes bad, meaning involvement by a Chicago business disputes lawyer.

Usually, contractor/subcontractor relationships have a clear contract as to what needs to be done by what the pay is. However, issues can arise in any contract, meaning that there could be work slowdowns or stoppage or even the need to replace the subcontractor with someone else. When this happens unfortunately, legal intervention has to happen. This type of dispute is not just bad for the contractor and subcontractor, but also the owner as well.

The goal should be to settle a case with a contractor amicably, especially if there is a desire to preserve the business relationship. This is still possible if a lawyer has to be hired, especially if there is a clause in the contract providing for alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration. If it is at all possible to settle the case so that the contractor or subcontractor still can have strong ties it is for the best, especially if the subcontractor is a specialist and it would be difficult to find a replacement.