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Dealing with the Aftermath of Car Accidents in Aurora, IL

Road accidents typically occur when drivers least expect them and even with all of the proper insurance policies in place, the aftermath of car accidents in Aurora, IL or in general can and often do affect the lives of those involved for weeks or months, and sometimes years if options for legal recourse are explored.

Negotiating with Car Insurance Companies

In the event that you have an accident the first thing you should do is document the scene and note down the details of the other driver as evidence in support of your claim when dealing with your insurance company.

If you sustain injuries in the accident and your car insurance company refuses to pay or responds with an offer that you feel does not match the severity of your injuries, you should speak to an attorney experienced with cases involving car accidents in Aurora, IL or your state.

Time Restrictions on Auto Accident Lawsuits

Under Illinios state law, a claim pursing recompense in accordance to injuries sustained in an auto accident must be filed with the court within two years from the date of the accident.

If this deadline fails to be met the court will refuse to hear the case and will prevent you from seeking any damages at all with respect to the incident. This is one reason why it is important to understand how state statutes are applied to car accidents in Aurora, IL and elsewhere.