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Do You Need a Condo Disputes Attorney in Cook County?

The magnificent condominium buildings that adorn Chicago’s beautiful skyline are frequently home to acrimonious legal battles requiring the assistance of a top-notch condo disputes attorney in Cook County. Chicago real estate comes at a premium, and both condo owners as well as associations know that they must retain the best condo disputes attorney in Cook County they can find in order to protect their investment and win any court battle in which they find themselves embroiled.

Unfortunately, condo disputes and litigation are quite common in Illinois. Condo litigation can be with association members, vendors, builders, developers, contractors, insurers, or municipalities. When it comes to condominium communities, there is always a possibility a problem or a dispute arising which does not seem to be able to get resolved quickly and easily. When these types of difficult condo disputes do occur, it is important for condo associations and members alike to know their rights and options in the event they need to take their case to court.

The types of litigation arising from condo disputes under and related to the Illinois Condominium Property Act include:

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty by associations and developers
  • Insurance claim litigation
  • Failure to pay condominium dues
  • Condominium governance and regulation disputes
  • Condominium fee disputes
  • Construction defect litigation

Condo associations and members must be vigilant in protecting their legal interests. When your property investment is on the line, you need competent legal representation with a proven record of success in condo disputes. If you are involved in a condo dispute in Cook County, contact an experienced local condo disputes attorney for a consultation.