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Common Condo Association Disputes in Cook County

Any time that a large group of people live in a confined amount of space; there is the potential that there will be conflict.  Condo association disputes in Cook County are legal issues that arise between individual condo owners and the condo association.  Some of the most common condo association disputes in Cook County include:

Fees and Fines of Condo Owners

Individual condo owners may be subject to a number of assessments and fines by a condo association that has been empowered with these rights.  Condo associations may impose fines because of parking violations, collect dues for the upkeep of common areas and make assessments according to the bylaws.  Disputes may arise when these assessment and fines go unpaid.

Restriction of Rights of Condo Associations

Condo owners may contest the condo association’s right to take certain action, such as limit guests or prohibit pets.  Disputes may also arise when buyers or renters are rejected by the condo association.

Nuisance Cases

Another common type of condo dispute may arise between two or more tenants and owners.  Noise nuisances as well as visual nuisances may be alleged and the condo association may be involved by extension.

Violations of Bylaws by Condo Owners

Condo owners are required to comply with the condo association’s bylaws.  If they violate these bylaws, the condo association may decide to take adverse action against them.

When these types of cases are involved, each party may decide to seek independent legal representation to protect their rights and explain their options.