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Handling Condo Association Disputes Through Mediation

While condo association disputes in Cook County can be disruptive to the living environment, there are often more effective ways to handle such disputes.  In particular, mediation can provide a reasonable solution to condo association disputes in Cook County. There are tremendous benefits to using mediation to help resolve claims of this nature.  One such benefit is the ability to save time and resources.  Mediation can be planned in weeks or months while litigation often takes years to conclude.  Additionally, time spent during mediation is not wasted by having to explain every aspect of condo law.  The parties can choose... Read More

Common Condo Association Disputes in Cook County

Any time that a large group of people live in a confined amount of space; there is the potential that there will be conflict.  Condo association disputes in Cook County are legal issues that arise between individual condo owners and the condo association.  Some of the most common condo association disputes in Cook County include: Fees and Fines of Condo Owners Individual condo owners may be subject to a number of assessments and fines by a condo association that has been empowered with these rights.  Condo associations may impose fines because of parking violations, collect dues for the upkeep of... Read More

HOA vs. Property Owners Association

A condo association or homeowner’s association (HOA) can, like any governing body, be a positive force in the lives of the property owners it represents, or a negative one. The Internet is filled with horror stories from owners who have seen poorly-run condo boards or HOAs make their lives miserable with the creation and enforcement of petty rules, but of course many people create their own condo association disputes in Cook County by not actually reading the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R) they signed when purchasing the property. When you sign a CC&R, you are agreeing to abide by the... Read More